Writing Documentation

Welcome to swagger-compare! Documentation for this project is hosted graciously by https://readthedocs.org

Helping to improve the documentation is a great place to start if you are looking to contribute to this project. Read the Getting Started guide on https://readthedocs.org to get familiar with the documentation system.

Be Clear

As much as possible you should strive for clear, unambiguous documentation. Use proper english, and strive for concise explanations.

Use Examples

Wherever possible try to use examples that show command line usage, or code. Make sure any examples used actually work. There is nothing more frustrating than following a tutorial that doesn’t compile, or is out of date.

Bugs in the documentation

If you should find any cases in this documentation where there are typos, incorrect examples, out dated statements, or any other “bug” in the documentation please submit an issue to the GitHub issues site. Or, consider submitting a pull request!